Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Accountants Need Love Too

Fun time today, trying to take your mind off last-minute tax filings. You have filed your taxes, haven’t you? Less than a week to go, so get busy if you’ve been procrastinating. If you use an accountant, I hope he’s like the CPA hero who adds a new dimension to the heroine’s life in my Cougar Challenge book, ADDING HEAT.

Here’s the blurb from this oldie but goodie from Ellora’s Cave.

Widowed landscape contractor Giselle Sheridan decides, with the help of friends she’d met at Romanticon, she’s ready to take the Cougar Challenge and find a younger man to finally have sex with. Except she’s too busy during planting season to go on the prowl.

CPA Conlan Trowbridge is battling income-tax deadline for his clients, but when Giselle bursts into his office with a tax problem, all he can think of is sex. She’s all luscious curves and smoldering brown eyes and he doesn’t care if she’s a dozen years older, she’s his wet dream come true.

Oh yeah, they’re both ready for some hot and heavy sex—in the tub, parking lots, both their offices, anywhere and everywhere. But her long-time foreman has designs on her, in more ways than one, forcing Giselle to make some hard decisions.

Now for an exclusive excerpt that’s too hot for most electronic book vendors to post.

Con couldn’t believe this sexy babe was hot for a nerd like him. All his life he’d fantasized about an amply endowed woman, starting with Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch when he’d first noticed that women had breasts. Not a Marilyn Monroe-type, though, not a blonde sexpot. He wanted a dark-eyed, dark-haired, earthy temptress, and by golly, in Giselle Sheridan he had a tigress he wanted to tame.

Or not. She made him harder, hotter than he’d ever been with a woman. Was it her lush body? Her sexual hunger? Or simply Giselle herself that had his insides tied up in knots? Whatever, he was going to make damn sure she didn’t see him as too young and inexperienced for her.

Following her down her long driveway, he stopped at her front porch. She kept going and he realized she was headed for the detached garage a few dozen feet from the house.

Hell, he couldn’t wait another minute to hold her, to taste her. He jogged to the garage and caught her as she was alighting. Hauling her up against the door of her truck, caging her against his body, he repeated his earlier question, with one minor change. “Would you like me to fuck you against the truck in the garage of Stonehedge Landscapes?”

“Yes. Now. Hurry!” As he’d hoped, she was with him a hundred percent, her arms clamping around his neck and her mouth seeking his, one leg lifting to cling to the backs of his thighs to allow him total access to her sweet core.

He fumbled his zipper open and freed his cock, hard and hot and hungry for her. Sliding the flimsy scrap of her still-wet panties aside, he bent his knees for leverage and thrust home into the scorching heat of her wet pussy.

Immediately he felt her inner muscles spasm, squeezing his cock. Holy shit, he’d never felt anything so sublime as steeping himself in Giselle’s essence. He wanted to reside there, die there. He wanted to fuck her until the force of their lovemaking dented the truck. He wanted to come inside her—

Dammit! “Giselle,” he gasped, going motionless from tip to toe. “I’ve got to stop. God, I want you so much I can’t think straight. I should have been better prepared.” He rested his forehead against hers, took a deep, shuddering breath. “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry. You made me so horny I forgot a condom.”

With a strength of will he didn’t think he had, he pulled his cock out of the sweetest pussy he’d ever known and gently settled her leg back on the floor.

“I’m clean, Giselle, honest, I had my annual physical in, um, February, yeah, it was after Presidents’ Day, and I haven’t had any other, er…”

Oh, sweet Jesus, did he have any condoms in his wallet or were they all in the super-size box he’d bought this afternoon that was probably on the floor of the truck? He groped blindly behind him, feeling for the back pocket where his wallet was, his cock bobbing and throbbing between them.

“We’ll worry about condoms later,” she gasped. Wrapping her fingers around him, she sank to her knees on the concrete floor. “I’m so hungry for your cock I want to give you what you gave me in the parking lot.”

~~ ** ~~

Con might be an accountant and a nerd, but he's all horny and macho man when it comes to Giselle. If you enjoyed that excerpt, you can buy ADDING HEAT from Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other reputable electronic purveyor of erotic romance.

~~ Cris Anson

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BDSM and the Law

Picture this:

You’ve invited friends to your home, including a well-known Violet Wand expert and his wife, the demo bottom. They’ve been at it for a while, she lying with cuffed hands and feet on the medical table and he wielding all his magic wands all over her naked body. She’s very vocal in her appreciation, so much so that the new neighbor calls the police. When they burst in, she’s deep in sub space and can’t vouch that she wasn’t abused.

Or this:

The long-time couple, whom everyone in the dungeon knows, is at it again, one of them cuffed to a ring in the ceiling, the other getting him deeper and deeper into the Zone with harder and harder smacks from a brutally stiff paddle. He’s adroitly reading his partner’s body language which tells him the sub is nowhere near the end of his endurance; he’s squirming and yelling and dancing around in ecstasy. Someone—a discarded lover? A misogynist? An all-round trouble-maker?—reports the location to the police and they see what they immediately consider abuse.

Or this:

A woman’s parents become aware of her involvement in the BDSM community and initiate an action with the court to challenge the mother’s fitness as a parent and the custody of her children. The sole basis for the custody challenge is the mother’s consensual adult BDSM interests.

For the ten to twelve percent of Americans who practice some form of BDSM, any of these possibilities—and others—can become a nightmare. To the folks in the above scenarios, we can only hope that the responding officials have been given some education about the lifestyle. We can also hope the participants know about the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF).

This is the Mission Statement from NCSF’s website.

The NCSF is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the US that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions.

The NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing, and Polyamory Communities.

We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach, in conjunction with our partners, to directly benefit these communities.

The Coalition was founded by Susan Wright in 1997. She chaired the successful DSM-5 Revision Project (de-stigmatizing BDSM from being a mental illness), and coordinated the SM Policy Reform Project for the National Organization for Women (NOW) which resulted in rescinding their anti-BDSM policy.

NCSF provides many services to the BDSM community, including:

·         Kink Aware Professionals. NCSF maintains a database of attorneys, doctors, therapists and other professionals who are sympathetic to the lifestyle.

·         Resource Library. NCSF provides downloadable information on statistics, publications, presentations and tips on dealing with the media.

·         Incident Response Program. NCSF offers a place where individuals and organizations who are harassed or discriminated against because of their lifestyle can get help. They also provide legal assistance in instances that meet certain criteria, including the possibility of ramifications for the entire kink community.

·         Education Outreach Programs. NCSF offers over 20 workshops designed to educate both within and outside the BDSM community.

They also have been instrumental in writing the "Alternative Events" policy for Marriott Corp (2,900 properties) and Intercontinental Hotels (3,800 hotels). They have also helped thousands of people deal with the challenges society has thrown at them, such as legal problems with zoning, child custody, assault, battery and kidnapping charges, or social issues like job loss or being thrown out of their homes by a landlord who doesn't like their lifestyle.

Please visit their website to discover more of what they do. While you’re at it, note that NCSF is supported by voluntary contributions. Help them educate and assist the kink, polyamory and swinger communities by making a donation now.

NCSF Founder Susan Wright will give several workshops at Doctor Charley Ferrer’s BDSM Writers Con, including “BDSM and the Law” and “Consent Isn’t Black and White”. The conference will be held August 21-24 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. You can learn more about the Conference here.

~~ Cris Anson

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BDSM Writers Con Is For Readers, Too

Have you heard about the BDSM Writers Conference to be hosted by world-renowned sexologist Dr. Charley Ferrer? It features keynote speaker and award-winning BDSM author Joey W. Hill and three full days of workshops. It will be held at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City August 21-24, 2014 and it’s going to knock your socks off.

Yes, it’s billed as a writers’ conference. Yes, there are many workshops geared to writing. Yes, over two dozen BDSM authors will be signing their books at the Book Signing.
But if you’re a reader, if you’re someone who’s curious about the BDSM lifestyle, if you’re too intimidated to go to a “dungeon” or even a “munch”, this conference is a safe, easy way to see a whole raft of live demonstrations by lifestyle practitioners.

Here’s a partial list of speakers who will discuss various aspects of BDSM, given by folks who walk the walk and talk the talk. Most have been in the lifestyle for years. The techniques mentioned here will be live demonstrations. This means you will probably have a chance to try out some of them yourself!

Bo Blaze will teach some basic “101 techniques” on floggers, whips, canes, paddles and other implements of erotic torture. Learn basic safety tips including, “where to hit” and more importantly “where not to hit” on your submissive’s body to ensure safe play and erotic delights. Bestselling author of the book “50 Shades of Curious”, Bo is the winner of the 2011 Pantheon of Leather President’s Award and has helped thousands learn to practice Safe, Sane & Consensual BDSM over the last 10 years, as Novice Group Facilitator & Board Member Emeritus, for The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), the oldest & largest BDSM support and education group in the Country.

Cassandra Park discusses one of the more ubiquitous types of play in the BDSM world: spanking. It’s a type of play that’s practically mainstream—television shows like Weeds and The Big Bang Theory have featured spanking scenes, and in the 2002 movie Secretary the title character is spanked by her boss. But as widespread as this type of play is, there’s no one way of doing it, and there’s no one type of “spanko.” Sometimes it’s foreplay before sex; sometimes it’s discipline with no sex at all. Cassandra will talk about the reasons people like to spank or be spanked, common fantasies shared by spankos, and implements typically used in spanking and discipline play. An editor and writer (erotic and mainstream), she has been in the BDSM lifestyle for more than 25 years.

Mistress Eve will explain and demonstrate erotic fire play. Fire play is considered one of the most dangerous and edgier activities performed in BDSM interactions as fire has a life of its own and makes its own demands. You will discover how it feels, what it looks like and be able to experience it for yourself—if you’re brave enough. This live demo will be performed at the BDSM Club for safety reasons.

Sir Guy and Karida, the International Power Exchange 2013 title holders, will show you how there are plenty of things, from spanking to sensory stimulation, from the sensuous to the sadistic, that can be done with the hands alone that can bring about a mutually satisfying experience. This class is hands on and encourages audience participation. They have over 20 years’ experience in the BDSM and Leather lifestyle. They are active in several organizations including TES, where Sir Guy is an emeritus board member and media representative and Karida is a volunteer and committee vice chair.

NauttiBoy will introduce you to the art of erotic knife play. Whether you’re novice or experienced, he will show you how to incorporate knives into your scenes using knives solely or as a tool to elicit the desired response. He will also discuss the care and cleaning of your blades both in and out of the dungeon, safety tips to minimize risk to you and your partner, as well as aspects of the law you need to know. This expert has presented at TES, the IronBell Academy, Albany Power Exchange, The Floating World 2012, Brimstone III & IV and WinterFire 2014.

Traveling Fool and Mary Ann hold a special place in my heart, as they introduced me to the Violet Wand at the very first BDSM Writers Workshop Weekend held in 2012 (read about my experience here, which happens to be my most visited blog).
     Dr. Charley writes on the Conference website, “Traveling Fool & Maryann have graciously provided their services and expertise at every BDSM Writers event I have conducted. It’s our pleasure to have them teach another LIVE Demo for BDSM WRITERS CON. I’ve seen no one with more knowledge of the Violet Wand, who blends the sensual and sadistic aspects of electricity so beautifully, than Traveling Fool and Maryann. Discover for yourself this amazing erotic play and learn which one of them is the Sensual Sadist and which one is the Playful Sadist.”

Okay, it’s Cris speaking again: when Traveling Fool asks if anyone wants to try the Violet Wand, TRY IT! In fact, try any of the techniques you’ll be seeing at the workshops to see what floats your boat. It may open a new world for you.

So. What are you waiting for? Sign up for the BDSM Writers Con 2014. And do check out all the authors who will be giving workshops (myself included) and/or offering their books for sale at the Book Signing on Sunday.

~~ Cris Anson